Episode 13: Hearing Aid Myth Exposed

Hi I’m Stewart, and today I answer another common question that we get about Hearing Aids. Sometimes people ask: “will hearing aids make my hearing worse?”The answer is no, correctly-programmed hearing aids will not make your own hearing worse. But, because listening and understanding people becomes so much easier with hearing aids…then, when you’re not […]

Episode 12: Do I Need Hearing Aids

Welcome to Hearing TV. I’m Stewart and today I’m answering one of the more common questions we get about hearing aids. One often asked question is, do I need 2 hearing aids. The answer is, if you have hearing loss in both ears, then yes you do. Think of it like wearing glasses – you […]

Episode 11: How Long Will The Hearing Aid Last

A question we are often asked is “how long will the hearing aid last?” These days development of technology is very fast, so new hearing aids are being released all the time,. However, previous hearing aids won’t become obsolete just because there are new ones available. In fact, you can expect the hearing aids to […]

Episode 10: Cochlear Implants

EPISODE 10 FOR HEARING TV What is a COCHLEAR implant? Hello and welcome to Hearing TV.  My name is Merren Davies. In the last episode we discussed Middle Ear hearing implants. Today we are going to INTRODUCE the COCHLEAR IMPLANT. The cochlear implant could be described as the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for people who cannot benefit from a conventional hearing aid. […]

Episode 9: Middle Hearing Implants

EPISODE 9 FOR HEARING TV What is a Middle Ear hearing implant? Hello and welcome to Hearing TV.  My name is Merren Davies. In the last episode we discussed bone conduction hearing implants. Today we are going to look at Middle Ear hearing implants which are another option for people who cannot benefit from a conventional hearing aid. Like the Bone Conduction Implant, the MIDDLE EAR implant has an internal part that is […]

Episode 8: Bone Conduction Hearing Implants

EPISODE 8 FOR HEARING TV What is a Bone Conduction hearing implant? Hello and welcome to Hearing TV.  My name is Merren Davies. In the last episode we discussed how the human ear works.  Today we are going to look at Bone Conduction hearing implants which are an option for people who cannot benefit from a conventional hearing aid. Some […]

Episode 7: How The Ear Works

EPISODE 7 FOR HEARING TV : How The Ear Works Hello and welcome to Hearing TV.  My name is Merren Davies. In recent episodes we have been talking about Styles of Hearing Aids. But what if something has happened to your ear and hearing aids are of no help? Before we look further into this, let’s […]

Episode 6: RIC Style of Hearing Aids

Hello, and welcome to Hearing TV.  My name is Phillippa, and today we’re talking about RIC hearing aids. Receiver in the canal aids, otherwise known as RIC, or RIE, are an excellent option for many reasons. The RIC Comprises a small hearing aid which sits behind the ear, to which is connected a speaker, or receiver, which goes into the ear.  On the end of the receiver you can use either a […]

Episode 5: Custom Fit Style of Hearing Aid

6 of 10 FAQ FOR HEARING TV WHICH HEARING AID SHOULD I BUY? (Levels of STYLE OF HEARING AIDS – Custom Fit) The final STYLE of hearing aid we’re going to discuss is Custom Made hearing aids.  These are hearing aids that are CUSTOM MADE for your ear. To do this a silicon impression is made of your ear.  This is a 5-minute procedure to obtain the ear’s INDIVIDUAL SHAPE.  The ear impression is then used to make a CUSTOM FIT hearing aid by the manufacturer using a 3-D printer.  Then the MICROCHIP, SPEAKER, AMPLIFIER, MICROPHONE and BATTERY HOUSING is fitted into this CUSTOM MADE shape. The final size of the CUSTOM FIT hearing aid is dictated by (1) the physical shape of your ear that is, HOW MUCH hardware can FIT in your ear; (2) your hearing loss SOoo the bigger the hearing loss, the larger size the SPEAKER needs to be; (3) your preference of size, for example the smaller CUSTOM aid size has very small batteries and need nimble fingers to physically manage them.  A larger size may be preferable for those who have less movement or feeling in their fingers. The ADVANTAGE of CUSTOM FIT […]

Episode 4: Open Fit Style of BTE Hearing Aid

4 of 10 FAQ FOR HEARING TV WHICH HEARING AID SHOULD I BUY? (Levels of STYLE OF HEARING AIDS – Open Fit BTE) In our last conversation we discussed the Behind-the-Ear (BTE) and earmould STYLE of hearing aid. Today we are looking at the smaller BTE option, the Open Fit BTE. The Open Fit BTE is in two parts: the actual hearing aid which sits behind your ear which is connected by slim tubing to a custom-made shell or a disposable dome. The ADVANTAGES of the […]

Episode 3: BTE Style of Hearing Aid

3of 10 FAQ FOR HEARING TV ​WHICH HEARING AID SHOULD I BUY? (Levels of STYLE OF HEARING AIDS – BTE) In our last conversation we discussed how “which hearing aid to buy” in terms of technology level and budget.  Today we are going to discuss the STYLE of your hearing aid. Within each TECHNOLOGY LEVEL and BUDGET, a model of hearing aid may allow you to choose a style of hearing aid.  In the next 4 episodes we will discuss the 4 major styles, their pros and cons. Today we are looking at the largest STYLE of hearing aid, the BEHIND-THE-EAR or BTE for short. The BTE is in two parts: the actual hearing aid which sits behind your ear which is connected by tubing to a custom-made ear mould. This hearing aid has been around for many years, but is fitted less often than in your mother or grandmother’s time. The ADVANTAGES of the BTE are​: It can provide […]

Episode 2: Levels of Hearing Aid Technology

2 of 10 FAQ FOR HEARING TV WHICH HEARING AID SHOULD I BUY? (Levels of TECHNOLOGY) In our last conversation we discussed how “which hearing aid to buy” will depend on what level of artificial intelligence best suits your lifestyle needs.  Today we are going to discuss the different levels of technology in hearing aids. Hearing aid manufacturers have large Research and Development Teams working on ways to improve people’s ability to hear with their devices.  This results in the development of the next “you beaut’ ” artificial intelligence MICRO CHIP which then becomes a new MODEL of hearing aid. The new MODEL of hearing is then made available to the public for purchase.  But not everyone has the budget to buy the best “you beaut’ “ hearing aid, so the manufacturer will dumb down the microchip to allow lower price points of the same hearing aid. Therefore the new model of hearing aid will have a hierarchy of technology levels and corresponding prices.  Which hearing aid you buy will depend on your lifestyle needs and budget.  Sometimes your budget may over-ride your life-style needs!

Hearing TV – Episode 1: Which Hearing Aid Should I buy

1 of 10 FAQ FOR HEARING TV WHICH HEARING AID SHOULD I BUY? (INTRO)​ Hearing loss affects one in seven Australians, and three out of four people aged over 70. Hearing aids won’t restore hearing but can make an enormous difference in being able to maintain employment and an active social life.  A big question for anyone needing hearing aids is “Which […]

March 08 2019 0Comment

Michael Drury in the news

One of Phillippa’s clients was featured on Nine National News, WIN News and the Illawarra Mercury last week. A year ago Michael Drury was caught in an horrific car crash which left him in hospital for 6 months. He had fractured his skull and broken both legs but, worst for him was losing his hearing. […]

January 17 2018 0Comment
Hearing implant review

Cochlear Implant Review

One of our clients Janette Reece recently acquired a Cochlear hearing implant. We interviewed her about what it was like when it was first switched on, how life has changed for her and her husband.     Interested in getting your own hearing checked? Come and visit us at our Campbelltown Hearing Clinic to talk about […]

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