Hearing Services


Mac Hearing was created out of a need in the Southwest Sydney region for comprehensive hearing services. We provide a continuous, whole-of-life service. Individuals from infants to elderly and anyone in between can have their hearing tests and assessment done at Mac Hearing. Have a look through some of the topics and click the “More” link to read more about each one.

Our Audiology Hearing Services include:

Children hearing test Campbelltown Sydney NSW

Hearing is such an important part of a child’s development and conducting children’s hearing tests requires specialised skill and experience. Sometimes when you’re looking for other specialist evaluations you will also need a hearing test.

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Hearing tests for hearing aids in Sydney

Diagnostic hearing tests can be run by Mac Hearing Audiologists. Doctors, allied health professionals, teachers and employers can use information tailored from the test results to help you further.

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baha implants Sydney

Implants are different from hearing aids in that they do the work of the damaged inner ear. They are a good option if you have severe hearing loss.

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Ultimate ears hearing aids Sydney experts Campbelltown

Custom earplugs are made to fit so they protect your ears from water or loud noise. Well fitted Earplugs can be comfortable and are easy to insert and remove.

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Hearing aids install, fitting in Campbelltown Sydney

If your hearing assessment determines that hearing aids are required, then our audiologists can explore your hearing aid options with you so it’s easier to make your decision.

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