Maintaining Hearing Aids

Maintaining Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids are made up of tiny components and intricate circuitry. Special care is needed in maintaining your devices to allow them to function optimally. There are some steps you can take to ensure you get the best from your hearing aids:

Appointments and Rehabilitation

  • Attend ongoing appointments: including hearing tests, cleanings and tuning adjustments
  • Rehabilitation: Mac Hearing offers hearing and communication exercises in which we recommend you take part
  • Review information: read all the information we supply to ensure you understand how to use your device, tips for maintaining and what to expect
  • Take notes: write down any questions you come up with so that you can bring them up at your next appointment and we can address each one.

Practice makes Perfect

  • Use frequently: practice wearing and listening with your hearing aids until you can wear them comfortably all day
  • Be patient: allow yourself time to get used to the positive changes of your device
  • Practice placement: practice how to place your hearing aid to ensure it is as comfortable to wear as possible.

What To Avoid for Maintaining the Device

  • Damage caused by wax: clean wax away each day
  • Moisture and dampness: in maintaining your hearing device, make sure you remove before swimming and showering. Avoid leaving in the bathroom
  • Knocks: keep your devices in their case when you are not using them and hold over soft surfaces when handling in case they drop
  • Heat: Maintaining your hearing device mean’s keeping them in conditions similar to your ear which is a fairly regular temperature. Keep stored in cool areas and do not leave them in the sun or the car
  • Chemicals: remove devices before applying hairspray or other chemicals. Ensure you have clean hands when handling

If you have any issues getting used to hearing aids the best thing you can do is discuss them with us. Together we can find the solution to your concerns.

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