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Phillippa Hunt

Dedicating three decades to the specialist field of Audiology, Phillippa has been a trail blazer in implementing new technology and forging links between medical practitioners and institutions.
  • Established the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme for New Zealand
  • Initiated and developed Adult Rehabilitation protocol for New Zealand Cochlear Implant Programme
  • Advisor and co-author of the Nucleus ‘Adult Aural Rehabilitation – A Guide for CI Professionals’ manual and DVD for global distribution by Cochlear Ltd
A caring and expert practitioner you will be in safe and caring hands with Phillippa as your Audiologist. Phillippa will provide you with the best possible advice getting you quickly back into a happy and active life with the best hearing solutions to match your need.

Merren Davies

Merren Davies Hearing Loss Campbelltown Liverpool NSW
Merren is recognised as one of Sydney’s most respected Audiologists, highly skilled with Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants and other Hearing Devices.
  • A regular guest speaker for audiology seminars and training events.
  • Is often requested to participate in research initiatives with other leading professionals
  • Founding Audiologist for the First Sounds cochlear implant program for The Shepherd Centre
  • Professional background includes an MBA and Regional Manager for Cochlear Ltd
  • Member of Independent Audiologists Australia and Audiology Australia (the peak body of audiologists
Remaining independent from any particular hearing device brand you can trust Merren to give you an unbiased view on what will best suit your situation.

Lee Norris

Lee Norris support for hearing aids audiologists

Our professional practice manager has been with us since our inception.
Lee is a local, and has lived in the area all of her life. You are in very capable and experienced hands with Lee, who will go our her way to make sure you are well looked after.
Lee is also a JP, which can be handy if you need something witnessed.

Claire Crichton

Claire Crichton’s career in audiology has taken her from the UK (Cambridge, London) to New Zealand. Australia has been her home for many years and Claire has been working in Sydney since 2006.
Claire enjoys audiology as it is a caring profession. She is an expert audiologist in:
  • Diagnostic testing of adults and children
  • Fitting of the latest hearing aid technology
  • Rehabilitation of adult hearing with cochlear implants and bone conduction devices.
Claire has a passion for finding the right technology to suit each individual.  You can book an appointment with Claire Crichton via our Edgecliff Office.

Mac Hearing is an independent audiology practice, which means that we can choose the best product from any manufacturer to suit your needs. The breadth of our experience in working with hearing loss ensures that we can quickly identify your problem, recommend the best treatment, and provide you with the best solution, whether it is a simple earplug, or a complex cochlear implant.

We work side-by-side with respected Ear Nose and Throat surgeons, which enables us to facilitate quick medical treatment if required.

Hearing loss is a journey, and Mac Hearing’s mission is to be your partner along this road.

Friendly audiology clinic Liverpool Sydney for pensioners

Patient-centred care is evidence-based and represents best practice within a health care model. We offer a whole-of-life service of integrated care as part of the primary care team.  Our team works to a stringent code of ethics and we continuously upgrade our skills and knowledge. 

We provide evaluation, intervention and rehabilitation in consultation with you at all times.  Our intervention includes technological (hearing and listening devices) and non-technological (counselling and communication training) options, and we will ensure that you have all the information available so that you can make an informed decision. 

We especially welcome the involvement of your family or friends, as hearing loss is a gravely-underestimated disability and we can help demonstrate its debilitating effect, and the most effective way for your loved ones to help.

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