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Mac Hearing are independent audiologists offering whole-of-life hearing care. The highly experienced professionals at Mac Hearing provide a continuous, whole-of-life service. Using the best equipment available we have the ability to test the hearing of any individual. Age is not limitation – we look after infants to elderly and anyone in between.

Our customers

There are many reasons people come to our clinic. You might have a child requiring ear protection while swimming or you are a businessperson missing out in meetings because of a hearing loss in one ear. Hearing loss can sometimes creep up gradually, you might find tinnitus is disrupting your lifestyle or you suffered from a sudden catastrophic loss. We can diagnose your hearing status and help you to find the best solution.

Audiologists and Staff

Our audiologists are fully qualified university-trained, highly experienced professionals in the hearing industry. We have not always been confined to a clinic either. From attending to middle ear disease in Outback Australia, to building cochlear implant programmes in Australia and New Zealand, we’ve done it all. From your first contact with Mac Hearing, to your progress through treatment, you will be listened to and treated with empathy and respect. Our greatest satisfaction is a happy and confident customer.

We adhere to the strict code of ethics laid out by the association of Independent Audiologists Australia.

Phillippa Hunt

Phillippa Hunt Campbelltown Audiologist

Phillippa Hunt has more than 30 years experience in Audiology. She developed Adult Rehabilitation protocol for New Zealand Cochlear Implant Programme and the initiated the first cochlear implant industry alliance between Australian Hearing and a cochlear implant surgeon.

Merren Davies

Merren Davies Hearing Loss Campbelltown Liverpool NSW

Merren Davies is one of Sydney’s most respected hearing experts. She was a Founder Audiologist for the First Sounds cochlear implant program at the Shepherd Centre. Merren has previously been Regional Manager for Cochlear Ltd and is a regular guest speaker at Audiology training seminars and conferences internationally.

Claire Crichton

Claire Crichton audiologists in Southwest Sydney for hearing aids

Claire Crichton’s career in audiology began in the UK (Cambridge, London). She has been working in Sydney since 2006 and is interested in diagnostic testing of adults and children. She can help you with rehabilitation of hearing including hearing aids, cochlear implants and bone conductions devices.

Lee Norris

Lee Norris support for hearing aids audiologists

Lee Norris has a long career in supporting the medical profession. We are delighted to have her as the first face to welcome you when you visit our Campbelltown offices. Lee provides quality care and attention to all our clients and is able to answer your questions about  appointments, billing and hearing accessories.

Mac Hearing is an independent audiology practice, which means that we can choose the best product from any manufacturer to suit your needs. Hearing loss is a journey, and Mac Hearing’s mission is to be your partner along this road.

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Friendly audiology clinic Liverpool Sydney for pensioners

We work independently and side-by- side with ENTs and GPs to ensure you are offered the best possible hearing outcomes according to your preference and our informed opinion

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