Patient-Centred Hearing Care

Patient-centred hearing care

Patient-centred care is evidence-based and represents best practice within a health care model. We offer a whole-of-life service of integrated care as part of the primary care team.  Our team works to a stringent code of ethics and we continuously upgrade our skills and knowledge. 

We provide evaluation, intervention and rehabilitation in consultation with you at all times.  Our intervention includes technological (hearing and listening devices) and non-technological (counselling and communication training) options, and we will ensure that you have all the information available so that you can make an informed decision. 

We especially welcome the involvement of your family or friends, as hearing loss is a gravely-underestimated disability and we can help demonstrate its debilitating effect, and the most effective way for your loved ones to help.

Independent of manufacturers

We are independent of manufacturers and suppliers of hearing aids and hearing prostheses, so that we are able to offer the best possible technology according to your preference, or our informed opinion.

Professional membership

Our membership of the Australian professional body for audiology, the Australian Society of Audiology, requires us to maintain an ongoing and comprehensive knowledge of the science and the developments in our field of expertise.

Our difference

Mac Hearing works side-by-side with renowned ENTs. Our main clinic is co-located with a busy Ear, Nose and Throat practice which enables us to call upon a medical opinion, or intervention immediately. It also enables the ENT to make a timely diagnostic or surgical decision. Our specialisation in implantable hearing technology ensures that you get appropriate assessment and quick access to the technology, with a continuing dialogue between your surgeon and your audiologist.

For example, if you experienced a common phenomenon called “sudden hearing loss”, this is treated as a hearing emergency. You would be seen by one of our audiologists that da, and they would then be able to access priority medical treatment within a vital timeframe to ensure that you have every chance of saving your hearing.

Our specialised software enables seamless reporting and exchange of information between audiologist, ENT and GP.

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