Experienced professional audiologists. HEARING TESTS LEARN MORE We provide a continuous, whole-of-life service, with the ability to test the hearing of any individual from infants to elderly, and anyone in between. HEARING TESTS Mac Hearing specialises in the most complex form of hearing rehabilitation, the cochlear implant, and the Baha (bone anchored hearing aid). COCHLEAR IMPLANTS

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    Mac Hearing Awarded Government Contract
    March 7, 2015

    Mac Hearing has been awarded a contract by the Australian Federal Government to provide...

  • Hearing loss through work and excess noise
    Working can make you deaf!
    March 7, 2015
    Noise induced hearing loss is the second most common cause of adult onset hearing loss...
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    Sudden Hearing Loss - A Hearing Emergency!
    July 14, 2015
    Sudden Hearing Loss is a sudden drop in hearing in (typically) one ear. For the...

Watch Monica achieve auditory rehabilitation via an iPad…

Watch Monica, a single-sided deafness patient at Mac Hearing, doing auditory rehabilitation via Bluetooth from the I-pad to her Cochlear implant. Note that not only is she listening in Spanish, she translates it back to English for me. Very clever work from Monica

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