Hearing TV – Episode 1: Which Hearing Aid Should I buy



Hearing loss affects one in seven Australians, and three out of four people aged over 70. Hearing aids won’t restore hearing but can make an enormous difference in being able to maintain employment and an active social life.  A big question for anyone needing hearing aids is “Which hearing aid should I buy?”​

To answer this question, you need to understand what technology is available in hearing aids today.  Hearing aids are computers and have various levels of artificial intelligence. Depending on your lifestyle you may need more or less of the features offered by the various levels of artificial intelligence.

For example, if you regularly go out to dinner in noisy restaurants, you would benefit from the highest level of noise control features in hearing aids.  The highest artificial intelligence will automatically reduce the noise in the restaurant, while lower levels of hearing aid technology require you to manually choose to reduce background noise by pushing a button on the hearing aids.

This is an example of the type of discussion you will need to have with your audiologist, when deciding which hearing aid you should trial before deciding to buy.  It’s all about what best suits your lifestyle needs.