Episode 9: Middle Hearing Implants


What is a Middle Ear hearing implant?

Hello and welcome to Hearing TV.  My name is Merren Davies.

In the last episode we discussed bone conduction hearing implants.

Today we are going to look at Middle Ear hearing implants which are another option for people who cannot benefit from a conventional hearing aid.

Like the Bone Conduction Implant, the MIDDLE EAR implant has an internal part that is surgically implanted behind the ear,  and an external part.  The external part powers up and controls the internal implant.  The external device looks like a disk which is worn under the hair.

A Middle Ear implant is a device that is usually considered as the person’s inner ear needs help but something is not allowing them to use a conventional hearing aid.  Unlike the Bone conduction implant, the Middle Ear implant can provide amplification even when the inner ear has a MODERATE hearing loss.  And if there is a blockage in the Middle Ear as well the MIDDLE EAR implant can even help with a combined severe-profound hearing loss.

The MIDDLE EAR implant is designed to make the most of residual hearing and do the work of a conventional hearing aid – but without the need to wear anything in the ear canal or over the ear.

It is important that anyone considering a MIDDLE EAR implant that their rate at which their hearing loss is progressing is well understood as this will help predict the suitability of the device.  If someone has a moderate to profound hearing loss that is steadily getting worse year on year, then it may be better to consider a COCHLEAR IMPLANT.

We will discuss the COCHLEAR IMPLANT in the next episode of HEARING TV.

So, STAY TUNED to Hearing TV to hear about more about implantable hearing devices.