Episode 25: What To Do If You Lose Your Hearing Aid

Hearing devices, such as hearing aids or cochlear implant speech processors, are important items you rely on for day-to-day ‘getting on with your life’.  They are ‘high value’ pieces of technology.
Imagine you one day you touch your ear, or reach over to the bedside table. and they’re gone.
You retrace your steps, dig under the couch cushions, clean under the stove and behind the bathroom sink, but you find nothing.
Realising a hearing device is missing can be heartbreaking and very, very stressful.
What do you do?
1. Retrace your steps and have a good look for them – 9 out of 10 lost aids show up within a couple of days.
2. If you have new technology and a smart phone Ap which tracks your hearing devices, then check the Ap to see if it identify where the lost aid is.
3.  Hopefully you have the devices covered my Household Home and Contents insurance. This will have required you to contact your in insurance company to specify, or list the devices separately on your policy, with an individual description and value.
4. As soon as possible contact one of our clinics to discuss the situation, so that all avenues of replacement can be explored.  Our clinics are here to advise and help you.  We can also provide loaner devices for you to wear until your own lost ones are replaced.
Losing a hearing device is very, very stressful, but it doesn’t have to prevent you from hearing. A solution is always on hand and we can advise you of your options to get you hearing back, and getting on with life.