Episode 23: Hearing Loss & Isolation

This is a time for us to have a keen ear and listen to the experts for advice and guidance.

But what if you have a hearing problem? Spare a thought to those among us who have difficulty hearing conversation, and may find the television dialogue challenging to hear and the telephone a source of great frustration. Social isolation is a well-documented unwelcome feature of hearing loss, as it makes conversing with others difficult. People with hearing loss can socially withdraw and not initiate conversation, as they have been embarrassed or frustrated by previous efforts. What can you do?

If you know someone has a hearing loss, then be patient when talking to them. The best tactic is to slow your rate of speech down, which gives you time to better articulate and the listener time to follow the conversation even though some parts of your words are not 100% clear. Never say “oh, never mind” if they ask for you to repeat something, as this is very disheartening and dismissive. Instead try repeating or paraphrasing what you have said.
This is a time for greater patience and tolerance for our family, friends and neighbours. And this will always be appreciated when conversing with someone with a significant hearing loss.

If you, or someone you know, has a hearing loss and needs assistance, then contact Edgecliff Hearing in East Sydney, or Mac Hearing in Cambelltown.

We understand and will provide a solution!