Episode 18: Ways To Prevent Hearing Loss If You Are Sick

The ideal thing for your hearing health is to never get sick in the first place by following a sensible daily routine of healthy food, exercise & rest. However, if you do get sick there are ways to protect your hearing and your ears.

First, take these steps to prevent getting a cold or flu in the first place:

  • Get the flu shot. This will minimise or mitigate symptoms of a regular flu in the event of being exposed.
  • Take extra vitamin C to boost your immune system as much as possible. Your immune system is truly amazing, and your best friend for fighting sickness.
  • Wash your hands often & thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and before you touch any part of your face, or hearing aids.
  • Practice social distancing, at least 2 metres distance to avoid exposure as much as possible to others who are sick.

If you do get a cold or the flu, then you should get tested by your doctor to see if an antiviral prescription can help you, or what types of antibiotics or decongestants are best for you.

Keeping the virus at bay and minimising congestion will help protect your ears and your hearing, during a cold or the flu.