Episode 11: How Long Will The Hearing Aid Last

A question we are often asked is “how long will the hearing aid last?”
These days development of technology is very fast, so new hearing aids are being released all the time,. However, previous hearing aids won’t become obsolete just because there are new ones available. In fact, you can expect the hearing aids to last about 5 to 7 years, or even longer if they are well looked after.

The next question is “how long will it take to get used to hearing aids?”
A modern hearing aid should sound quite natural, so you can start wearing them all day every day if you want to. But because you will hear sounds that you haven’t heard for a long time, especially the high frequency sounds, the hearing aides may seem to sound sharp or hissy. But don’t worry! – the manufacturers recognised that the brain needs time to adjust to the new sounds, so hearing aids have a built-in automated interpretation system which means they adjust themselves slowly to optimal levels without you even noticing.

Everyone’s experience is different so don’t be influenced by what someone else says …just go and try it out for yourself. And remember the most important thing, is to tell your audiologist everything that’s happening with your hearing aid, so that they can be informed enough to make the adjustments that you need for your particular listening environment.