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ABC Checkout hearing aid program

ABC Consumer Awareness

ABC’s consumer awareness TV program Checkout showed an article on Audiology and hearing clinics in Australia and some of the pitfalls to look out for.

Did you know:

  • anyone can call themselves an Audiologist
  • about a third of Australian hearing clinics are owned by hearing aid manufacturers or distributors which promote their own products
  • Many manufacturers push the hearing aid fitters or “audiologists” for commission sales and provide incentives to sell you the most expensive products regardless of what you need.

Checkout has it right

ABC Checkout were right about these hearing clinics. We welcome their customers all the time where they have spent large amounts of money and are still searching for a satisfactory hearing solution. At Mac Hearing we are university qualified and own our own business. We are proud to adhere to the code of ethics set out by the Independent Audiologists of Australia as mentioned in the TV article.

Here’s the TV article for you to enjoy…

and click here to read the Code of Ethics from the IAA which we follow.

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